Bente Hansen

Artist Statement.

Dappled walkways, windswept beaches, moving skies and jagged inlets. All painted in an intuitive way. These images give you a sense of Bente’s love of her natural surroundings. Her bold strokes of colour convey what the artist sees in the world around her.
Bente Hansen’s journey as an artist began in childhood. Born in Copenhagen to an Architect father and a creative mother she was fascinated with her father’s ability to quickly sketch a cartoon, a landscape or a building.

Her teacher, Marjorie Wight, taught everything – drawing, painting, perspective, history and colour theory. It was Marjorie who first taught her to paint with oil. Bente went on to study art at UBC for 4 years.

Media Used: Painting
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Studio location: 7899 Traffe Rd, Powell River, BC V8A 0R5
Accessibility: Accessible. No stairs. Garage entrance

Open Hours: Sat & Sun Aug. 28-29 at 10AM-4PM or by appointment : 604-485-5845

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