Artist Registration for Studio Tour

Register to be on the 2021 qathet region Studio Tour (Aug 28-Sept 5)

Deadline to register with payment is May 15, 2021

Pay by e-transfer to OR by cheque c/o Malaspina art Society delivered to Artique (open Tuesday to Saturday 11 am – 4pm. Address: 6820 Alberni Street, Powell River BC, Canada Phone: +1 604-485-4837)

Read studio tour details at

Read video maker Astra’s bio and ‘what to expect’ document here (2-page pdf)

TIP: Before you fill this out below, produce a notepad/wordpad or Word document for yourself as well so you can proof your text and then simply copy/paste your content below and save that document for yourself – in case there should be errors and you may need to refill the sections. If you made a little mistake and discovered it after submitting, you may email with your edits OR you can refill the boxes with just the minimum (a letter or two inside the required sections) and fill out the correct info and re-submit. We will then blend the 2 submissions into one.

RE: Images to send, please select up to 12 digital images (keeping each under 200 KB) depicting your work, your studio (inside/out), yourself, your materials… Get your digital images ready and we will contact you with how to send them once you have registered and paid.

RE: Open studio hours selection (see below). This is a survey question only – you can enter your best guess and confirm later. If the studio tour does have regular hours, you will be expected to be available Sat and Sun Aug 28 & 29 from at least 12-3pm.

Read video maker Astra’s bio and ‘what to expect’ document here. (2-page pdf)

with support from BC Arts Council