MAS News: Roy Schneider – Life Cycles (Opening postponed – but exhibition open now at VIU)

Roy Schneider presents a series of landscape paintings titled “Life Cycles” based on the concept of regeneration. Paintings of a living, decomposing and regenerative healthy forest.

On display will be ten framed oil on canvas paintings dated 2019-2021.

Contact Roy if you would like to purchase his work, or of you have any questions for him.

On display now until February 25, 2022. Drop in and see Roy’s work at VIU Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm *

*Subject to changes following BC Public Health Orders and VIU requirements and schedules.

For more information on his exhibition and workshops tap here or visit

Roy Schneider graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1976 as a fine art print maker and went on to work as an award winning illustrator, creating illustration for some of the worlds largest publishers and design firms.

Wanting to focus on fine art he retreated into the bush and worked on Alberta’s fire lookouts for many years. Life there was meditative and slow, an ideal environment for creative reverie and investigation and it was there he immersed himself in the landscape and honed his skills as a oil painter.

He brings his sensibility as a print maker, and his intimate knowledge of the landscape to creating painting with a strong graphic quality and a fresh perspective to Canadian landscape painting. His paintings are of deep and untouched wilderness, complex, tangled, but always highlighted by the amazing beauty and light of the northern boreal.

He hopes his work will bring the viewer the same awe of the natural world and love of painting that he carries with him and in his work.

Below is Roy’s artist video bio as shot this past summer for the qathet region Studio Tour, by Astra Balogh

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