Memento Mori starts Nov.1 at The Art Centre

Memento Mori is a community response and collaborative expression of creative masks, digital projection, music and an ofrenda installation to honour grief and loss. The events are being offered with support from BC Arts Council, Malaspina Art Society and Powell River Council for Arts and Culture along with participation and sponsorship from multiple community organizations and artists. The activities have been held in the Cranberry cemetery for the past few years. This year, the event will be hosted at The Art Centre Public Gallery as well as online due to the Covid pandemic. Artists, Sophia Sanford, Leslie Sutherland, Claudia Medina, Pieta Wooley, Megan Dulcie Dill as well as the Brain Injury Society members and contributing artists are collectively engaging the community into conversations around living well, dying well and transitions between life and death.  Events will be online for the community to participate in digitally and safely during Covid. 

The ofrenda, installation and mask exhibition will launch in the gallery on November 1 between noon and 5 pm with Covid protocols in place. The exhibition and events will run from Nov 1-Nov 20, 2020 Tues, Thurs and Sat from 12-5 and online


Underbrush: Mycelium Rising Group Show

Please enjoy a look at the creative process of Powell River artist Ursula Medley as she produced the wonderful triptych “Out of the Woods” for the group art show Underbrush: Mycelium Rising

Edible, poisonous, healing, destroying, feeding, transforming, nurturing, mind-altering, so tiny as to be invisible, and yet the largest single living thing on Earth,* mycelium cover much of the planet’s land surface, performing symbiotic tasks like providing underground networks inter-plant communication, crumbling rocks and minerals to make them bioavailable to plants, creating a true natural web.

When fruiting, via mushrooms, they create fantastical shapes, colours and patterns that have inspired artists forever; they really are magical in other ways as well, with their sometimes inherent psychoactive and medicinal attributes, industrial potential in removing toxins from our environment, and of course, as an important food source for creatures during the waxing and waning months in the spring and autumn.

As metaphor, mushrooms are to me like artwork is for artists: the manifestation of so much going on in our minds and souls; these precious and fleeting manifestations of a moment in time in our progress through our lifetimes. Enjoy our little online gallery of mycelium/mushroom inspired works by local qathet region artists.

Giovanni Spezzacatena/Rabideye, show curator.

Many thanks to our participating artists for their beautiful contributions. It’s my hope that soon we will be able to display these pieces in a gallery setting as well.

Tap on the thumbnail images below to see the full/larger versions, with details on the work and how to purchase or contact the artists, just underneath the larger versions; you may also read or leave a comment at the very bottom of each enlargement.

(Featured image above: Sharon Dennie ‘Chanterelle’ 8”x8” oil on wood panel, NFS)


Louise Gloslee

Kathryn Neun

Leslie Campbell

Dolores de la Torre

Barbara Langmaid

Evelyn Kirkaldy

Prashant Miranda

Autumn Skye Morrison

Sharon Dennie

Amy Price

Roy Schneider

Jackie L Hutchings  

Ginger Holland

Kaia Sherritt

Miel Creasy

Ursula Medley

Giovanni Spezzacatena/ Rabideye 

Image gallery above by Giovanni Spezzacatena/ Rabideye