Membership Renewal

Membership renewal 2020
Our AGM, which usually occurs in late spring was delayed due to COVID19. The MAS website has the option of paying, waiving the yearly membership fee and/or donating an amount you feel comfortable with;pay by e-transfer too…

With all that is covid, we have had many of our plans thwarted for shows, workshops and events.  Luckily just before the world changed, we made the great decision to bring a Communications Coordinator on board. We were also very lucky to secure some additional funding from the BC Arts Council Resiliency Fund!  This allowed us to support What the Plus+ and keep the very necessary Communications Coordinator position in place for 2020.
One of the events that we had planned was our AGM, which usually occurs in late spring.  We just felt that hosting that would be unnecessarily stressful as not all of us have the zoomability on our computers or internet server.  Of course this meant we did not renew memberships or collect fees.  After looking at our finances, we decided to allow members to ask for a waiver for the renewal of this year’s membership. fees.  This is usually approximately $1500 in revenue, but with all the stresses on artists’ personal finances we did not want to add to that.  And let’s face it the most important aspect of MAS is working together! 
We are thinking about the possibility of holding a combination live/zoom AGM in October – but will take our lead from what is happening in the community. In the meantime,  on the MAS website we have set up a section on renewing membership at:

You have the option of paying, waiving the yearly membership fee and/or donating an amount you feel comfortable with. You can now pay by e-transfer too… just set up Malaspina Art Society in your banking information with our email – easy peasy. Any amount will help us continue to work through the next 6 or so months… we do have some exciting events and opportunities coming up in the Fall but you will need to renew your membership to find out…
On behalf of the MAS Board of Directors,

Lorna Downie

MAS News

mycelium rising
submit your art to Underbrush: Mycelium Rising by Oct 22, 2020


Malaspina Art Society is happy to announce our autumn 2020 group art Virtual Group Art show titled ‘Underbrush: Mycelium Rising’

We are inviting all artists in the qathet region to submit new work produced within the last 2 years in any medium that reflects our theme as developed by Giovanni Spezzacatena. Here is a very recent link to a Zoom Discussion with lots of film clips from the feature film Fantastic Fungi to get your creative juices flowing (scroll the timeline to see the film clips).


**Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae or shiro. The word mycelium literally means “more than one”, and refers to the thread-like body of a fungus; it is the main part of the fungus. The mushrooms that we eat are actually just a small visible part of the organism – the fruiting bodies, like the apple off a tree: the tree, leaves, bark, and extensive root system give birth to the visible fruit.


  • What:  “Underbrush: Mycelium Rising” is a Group Art Exhibition based on the concept and cultural manifestation of Mycelium – and their fruiting bodies: mushrooms. While open to interpretation, the title of the show encourages a point of view that focuses beyond simply representing mushrooms, but into the function and form of mycelium (and mushrooms) also as a metaphor for social issues. Any medium will be accepted (photography, painting/illustration, collage, sculpture/ ceramics, fibre-based work, video, animation, interactive work, sound pieces, installation, written works, etc.)As for the title, the ‘Mycelium Rising’ part of the title is in reference to this famous mushroom book by Paul Stamets, Mycelium Running.
  • Where: Online through and associated social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts – see side panel for links)
  • Why: To encourage local and non-local artists to produce work in chosen media, on our given theme, and to provide a catalyst for interesting work that may be political in nature (think ‘grassroots’).
  • Who: Local qathet regional artists, including emerging artists and craftspeople.
  • When: Show will open in early November 2020 online at
  • HOW? Apply below: Deadline Oct 22, 2020 – fill out the form below and/or email this info to

Once you have sent the form information in please prepare a digital representation of your work (file size between 300KB-1MB) to email with your name.